Junior Program and Club Info.

The Port Carling Junior Curling Program gives our local youth a chance to excel at a new sport and to learn every nuance of the game.

Our Junior Programs runs Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4:30 to 6:00 pm and we accept kids from age 4 to 18.

Our junior curlers have competed and done extremely well over the years.  Emma Clendenan, whose home club is our very own club, is doing remarkably well on the pebbled ice.


You can follow her progress here:  Emma’s success


Because we operate with a volunteer Executive Committee as well as Ice Makers, these guidelines are important for our members to follow:

  • Please make sure to use the boot cleaner.  Shoes must be completely free of dirt and lint before going out on the ice surface.  Street shoes are not to be worn on the ice.  Indoor shoes or curling shoes are accepted.
  • Brooms must be in good repair.
  • Curlers must avoid wearing clothing, hats, mitts or scarves that will leave lint or fluff on the ice.
  • Please be careful with curling rocks or heavy objects.  Anything dropped will chip the ice surface and affect the trajectory of the rocks.
  • At the finish of the final draw on a sheet, the players are responsible for lifting all rocks off the ice surface.


  • Players, other than skips, when not delivering a rock will stand to the sides of the ice, allowing full vision to the skip and the thrower of the opposing team.
  • When a skip is  holding the broom for his/her team, no other broom should be on the ice near or behind them.
  • When delivering a rock, each player must release the rock before the leading edge of the rock reaches the near hog line.
  • Don’t congregate behind the house when one of the opposing team is throwing.
  • Only one person of each team may sweep behind the Tee Line.
  • Vice-skips may consult with their skips at any time as to strategy.
  • Scoring is the responsibility of the Vice-Skips.  They will also decide when a measure is required.
  • The time limit for the early draw (6:30 to 7:00 pm) is TWO HOURS ONLY.  If the final end is not in progress at 8:15 pm for the 6:30 draw or 8:45 pm for the 7:00 pm draw, the end will not be played and the game will be considered complete.
  • A tie game will be determined by a one rock shoot out by the Skips.

For more information about Curling Terms and Rules of the Game ~ Click here.